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The most important part of BBQ is without question the food.  To get great food, you need great tools.  Here are the essential tools that should be apart of every BBQ.

Safety first! You'll need a good Fire Extinguisher handy should something unfortunately go wrong. Educate yourself on how to use it and check it yearly to ensure it is charged. Don't worry about tossing it if you haven't had the chance to use it, they are more easily replaceable than your family or possessions. If you are using solid fuel (wood, charcoal, etc) invest in a Type A. If you are using vapor fuel (gas, propane, etc), invest in a Type B.
Meat Thermometers serve a dual purpose; safety and cooking aid. Food should be cooked to the proper temperature first for safety and then for optimum flavor. This little instrument is possible one of the most important tools besides the grill itself.
Mallets are good for both tenderizing meat and getting meat to an even thickness throughout for even cooking.
If you don't know by now, grills are hot! Making sure your burgers don't burn shouldn't mean burning your knuckles. A spatula at the right length will ensure that won't happen.
You work hard to ensure the flavor of your food. This tool makes sure that taste isn't spoiled by your last great tasting meal. It's important to clean your grill before and after each use.
Just like a spatula, if you need to turn something on a hot surface, length and stability are key.
One of the most important types of knives you'll ever own other than a steak knife. Prep work almost always involves using this guy.
For times when a hands-on approach is best, there are products like the Ove Glove. It will protect your hands while grabbing the hottest of surfaces. I recommend having 2; one for handling food and one for other things.
Another essential for prep work. Using colored cutting boards is a great method to reduce cross-contamination.
At some point you will need to put sauce on something and if you buy your sauces in a bottle you want to use every drop. Add one of these to the top and you can brush it on and keep it in the bottle at the same time.
Can't start a grill without fire. Even if your grill has an ignition switch, you still should keep one of these around for backup.
If you want to have good food coming off the grill, you've got to store it properly. If you don't have a thermometer in your refrigerator you could be wasting money or worst, putting the people consuming your food in serious danger.
Dealing with charcoal and grills will definitely get your hands dirty. Cleaning up afterwords is easy with any soap but getting that dirty under your nails will take some scrubbing. Luckily there's something to help.
In harsh weather, not everyone is brave enough to face the elements. For those times, there's an indoor grill that will give you the heat and surface you need to replication the outdoor process. It is designed to help keep down the smoke so no need to worry while using it.
Tailgating, camping, picnicking and home cooking is great with this little guy. If charcoal is your favorite fuel than this is the way to go!
Tailgating, camping, picnicking and home cooking is great with this little guy. If gas is your favorite fuel than this is the way to go!

If you want a full-sized charcoal grill then this is the one for you! Not only does it feature the Weber kettle design but it also has a table on the side, charcoal storage underneath and a propane ignition lighter system.

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